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Foshan Kaili Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

LED edge-lit exit signs, plastic and steel exit boxes, self-contained emergency lighting dual heads, emergency bulkhe...

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    No. 401, Tian'an Digital Town Innovation Tower, No.1, Jianping Road, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Kaili Lighting offers an extensive selection of high quality exit and emergency fixtures for commercial, industrial, institutional, retail and hospitality markets. Established in 2004, Kaili Lighting has consistently designed, developed and manufactured a diverse line of durable and affordable lighting solutions, including LED edge-lit exit signs, plastic and steel exit boxes, self-contained emergency lighting dual heads, emergency bulkheads, LED emergency conversion kits, emergency ballasts and accessories.

As a specialist in emergency lighting, Kaili is dedicated to bringing economical, innovative lighting solutions with consistent and predictable emergency performance for today's evolving lighting requirements. From rugged steel exit signs and architectural grade edge-lit exit signs to self-testing monitoring systems and battery powered emergency luminaires, Kaili fixtures are designed, manufactured and quality-tested to the highest standards to provide unmatched value and years of operational reliability, with hassle free installation and virtually zero maintenance.

With the vast experience and accumulated expertise in this industry, a great number of customers that include major distributors, commercial and residential building architects and engineers have been choosing Kaili over the competition, because in contrast to those who sell low quality products, Kaili's products stand out and are guaranteed to provide premium performance at the most reasonable cost!
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